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Terms and Conditions

برنامج ادارة نقاط البيع وادارة الطلبيات منصة سندباد

Terms of use Siindbad platform

The user's age must be the legal age to conduct commercial transactions according to the law of the user's country.

Enter real account data correctly.

Enter real data for goods and services correctly.

The goods and services being ordered and offered must be legal in accordance with the law of the buyer and seller countries.

Providing real offers and not fake offers that would harm the competition process.

Do not tamper with the contents of the site and its role in the request and offer process by entering or attempting to enter data that is not related to commercial transactions.

The site is not responsible for any disagreement between the parties to the commercial transaction.

The site has the right to close any account or accounts that violate these terms.

The duration of the contract is one full calendar year and is automatically renewed unless one of the parties notifies the other of its desire not to renew thirty days before the end of the period.

Under this contract, Imdad Tech Information Technology Company provides the Siindbad program, which manages all features within points of sales

Imdad Tech Information Technology Company's services under this contract are to provide software support without providing any hardware or hardware electronic tools. Unless there is a special agreement.

Imdad Tech Information Technology Company is committed to providing regular periodic maintenance for the program during the contract period.

The customer must inform Imdad Tech Information Technology Company of the malfunctions by appropriate means, including via:

Chatbot website.

Via WhatsApp website.

Via the website contact form.

The client must provide the appropriate environment for the program to work, and bears responsibility for any violation of recognized standards and requirements.

This is for example :

Providing modern computers compatible with the nature of the program, and providing high-speed Internet to ensure the effectiveness of the program’s work.

The customer must secure the required electronic devices, and if the customer has concluded an independent agreement with Imdad Tech Information Technology Company.

By providing some necessary devices, Imdad Tech Information Technology Company does not guarantee them or undertake to maintain them

Both parties are committed to maintaining the secrets they become aware of during the implementation of this contract, and must refrain from disclosing any confidential information.

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