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برنامج ادارة نقاط البيع وادارة الطلبيات منصة سندباد


Record incoming inventory purchases and link them to the supplier and payment method. You can also suspend an invoice and complete it later.


Make in-store sales using search or a barcode reader with ease, with multiple payment methods options.


In Siindbad, we offer you a special unit for managing all types of orders, where you can order and receive offers from Sinbad’s suppliers, or order from your branches and receive online orders from your online store or from your customers.


The transfer feature enables you to transfer your inventory items between your branches with ease and in the blink of an eye, with receipt of confirmation.


Arrange and classify your warehouse items into groups with the option to appear online in the online store and control the demand and slack limit. Add opening balances, perform full or partial inventory counts and stay updated with inventory alerts and warnings. Knowing the availability of an item in a specific branch.


Record your expenses using an easy-to-enter interface for non-accountants. Use your phone to take pictures of receipts or upload them as an attachment. Match them with bills to stay organized and say goodbye to paperwork.

Internal messaging

Send messages and announcements to all your employees and they will see them when they log in.

Detailed reports

Get comprehensive insights into your business with over 40 detailed reports designed just for you.


You will not need a new subscription to link accounts, as there is a special financial program integrated with all operations


With Siindbad, you can sell in-store and online with an online store dedicated to you that displays your selected goods. Give your customers multiple electronic payment options and connect with delivery companies with ease.

Offline mode

Process sales even when your internet connection isn't working. When you get back online, you can sync your sales to the server with one click

Purchase orders

Add a purchase order to an order outside Sinbad or use the orders feature to order electronically within Siindbad

Barcode label printing

Printing barcode labels with Sinbad is very easy as you can easily create barcode labels for your products when they arrive at your store or upon request.

Connecting branches

Connect your branches with ease and control each branch separately. Transfer between branches and know the availability of a specific item in each branch. All you have to do is press the Add Branch button and that's all.

Employees and permissions

Add employees and control permission with ease.


Issuing electronic invoices that are compatible with the requirements and regulations of the electronic invoice, with the possibility of linking with taxes.

Value added tax

Easily organize expenses into tax categories and track sales tax on income and expenses so you know your tax position and the amount you owe.

Device compatibility

The platform is compatible with all desktop devices, tablets, and mobile phones.


You can stay in touch with your customers by linking to WhatsApp or SMS.

Fast and free technical support

Siindbad platform provides you with a team of technical support via website chat, email or phone, waiting for you to communicate 24 hours a day, in order to provide a highly efficient service.

Security and data protection

Siindbad System pays great attention to the safety of your data on our servers, so we use fully secured servers encrypted with SSL 256 bit technology with several layers of protection, in addition to the presence of servers on two different continents with additional security measures for their locations and strong restrictions on access to data, in addition to copying operations and Periodic reserve.

Free periodic updates

Siindbad is constantly working on developing the entire system and updating its modules and features to keep pace with business requirements, including adding new features and tools that will facilitate managing your business effectively.

Supports multiple languages

The platform supports multiple languages, including French, Turkish, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and many other living languages.

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